Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PenguinQuest and PenguinQuest2 (edit)

Guess what? PenguinRPG is going to be called PenguinQuest. Ok? Ok.

Since so much people have enjoyed PenguinQuest's Betas, I have decided to start PenguinQuest2. PenguinQuest2 is quite similar to PenguinQuest's Betas (so far), but with gravity and it is full-screen, not browser based that should be able to run on all OS with Java's VM.

Yes, PenguinQuest1 will come out. The main game engine is done, I just need my game developer to create the maps to release it. Many bugs have been fixed, and saving/loading games is no longer a problem on other OS besides Windows.

I will soon send out a screenshot of PenguinQuest2 as soon a few things have been devloped, including the new penguin image is created...(hint hint) and hopefully a very Betaish Beta soon.


Anonymous eggbits.commercial said...

well, what if people don't have the applications to run java?

5:59 PM  
Blogger evan said...

then they need to get java. the only platform without java is mac os9.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Not an application by the way.
It's a java virtual machine that you can download at:

Most modern PC have Sun's JDK on the computer anyhow. Or you can just download from browser, e.g. Firefox. :)

7:36 PM  

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