Tuesday, April 25, 2006

eggbits 3.0 coming soon

Well, in the past month we've been considering stopping eggbits and maybe working on another project... but we couldn't find any good ideas. We're planning a eggbits 3.0 - a new front page design in flash (make sure to get flash player 8) with better looks and more interactivity. Also, Penguin RPG is coming along very well thanks to Chris, and is near completion of the base engine (hopefully phillip will complete the storyplan and levels soon). Make sure to play the new beta version with bug fixes and game saving at http://penguin.eggbits.com and watch the site for updates! As for flash games, we hopefully will get around to finishing BattlePac soon (it's almost done). So keep checking eggbits and penguin.eggbits.com for updates!



kansai_samurai said...

Stopping Eggbits.com might be... colossal. So Eggbits 3.0 should be a really good idea, and by actually renewing the look, it would seem once again, more attractive. Be sure to put a note, somehow with PHP or javascript, that if the user does not have Flashplayer 8 installed, to redirect to a page telling that Flashplayer 8 is required. Then redirect to the Macromedia page.

3:40 PM  
Ben said...

Great idea, just had to ask the previous commentoer what was meant by the comment that stopping eggbits would be colossal. Thanks.

6:07 AM  
Jaja said...

The game messages up when I try to save.

7:52 AM  
Jaja said...

I meant messes up. Maybe my brain is messing up as well as the game.

7:53 AM  
Chris said...

In the Beta 1.1 for Penguin RPG, it does not support Linux.
Don't worry, I'm almost done with the coding, and it supports Linux and Mac!
(although the keyboard is rather strange in Linux for some reason...)

5:05 PM  
Jaja said...

I don't have Linux. Maybe the problem is with my computer.

11:21 AM  

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